Westmont Hospitality Group is an owner and operator of hotels around the globe. Given the diversity in Westmont’s portfolio, the company has to tailor-­make its business plan uniquely for each asset based on its market, location, asset type and service levels. Given its vast experience with all major hotel brands, Westmont is able to determine the right brand for each hotel. Each asset and investment is carefully analyzed and has its own unique business model to ensure the best returns.

Westmont has strong teams in various geographical areas, allowing the company to specifically tailor its services to the opportunity that presents itself. These include:

Operations Expertise

  • With over 40 years of experience running hotels, Westmont takes responsibility for overseeing the asset management of the hotels including financial accounting, sales and marketing, IT and human resources.
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Development & Acquisitions

Westmont has dedicated teams that focus on:

  • Sourcing assets
  • Underwriting
  • Due diligence and transactions process
  • Market intelligence/monitoring market conditions to find new opportunities

Asset Management

  • Establish Capex needs and investment analysis of capital projects
  • Identify value-enhancing opportunities including efficient reallocation of space
  • Provide project management when necessary
  • Maintain franchise partner relationships
  • Maintain brand relationships
  • Management of fixed charges including insurance and property tax
  • Continual hold/sell assessment
  • Oversee brand managed hotels

Finance | Transactions

Westmont works alongside its capital partners to provide assistance on the following.

  • Tax structuring, reporting and compliance
  • Accounting and reporting for all assets and portfolios
  • Development of financing strategies
  • Maintaining bank relationships and continuously assess refinancing strategies
  • Due Diligence
  • Acquisition/disposition strategy development
  • Post-acquisition/disposition transitional services